The bugs are generally not bad at the cabin as the elevation is 7500' and it's exhausting for them to fly up there!  In the valleys, however, there is a lot more water and mosquitoes can thrive.  Occasionally, we get a surge of little black flies but they're generally short lived.  Bottom Line:  Bring some insect repellent.

Last chance to top off your vehicle is Flat Tops Fuel which on your left as you leave Meeker.  There is also a gas station associated with the City Market in Rifle. You can use Kroger/King Soopers Card if you subscribe.

We maintain a basic subscription to DirecTV.  If you require a more robust lineup so you can watch the "big game", let us know and we'll work with you on a Pay-per-view or increased package for your stay.

The phone number is (970) 433-1968 but cell phone service can be spotty depending on the provider.  Sprint has almost no coverage, Verizon is limited and AT&T is good.  Not sure about T-Mobile.

We hope you are spending most of your time outside, beyond the range of anything electronic; however, we recognize the need to "stay connected" so high-speed internet is available.  Just connect to "Thunderbird" and you're all set.  There are no data limits so have fun surfing...but we still hope you're mostly out enjoying the countryside ;)

You are about 35 minutes from the nearest grocery store, so be sure to make a list and check it twice.  Watt's Ranch Market is on your left as you leave Meeker and your last chance to grab supplies.  There is also a nice City Market just off the road as you pass through Rifle (also last call for Starbucks!).