1900 road constructionThe road between Rifle and Meeker is currently undergoing a major construction project through Nov 2020.  Plan your travel outside construction times or add 30 minutes for likely delays.  Visit https://cotrip.org/map.htm#/roadWork and select "CO 13" in the "Filter By" drop down in the right pane.

Pets in the snowWe are always on the fence about allowing pets because we know how much they love exploring the wild spaces around the cabin.  Unfortunately, even purportedly "well-behaved" animals have left excessive hair and muddy paw prints on the furniture, plus an occasional pet stain.  The extra time and effort to remedy this before the next guests arrive causes undue stress on our cleaners, not to mention the extra cost.  So if you've coordinated to bring a pet, please, please, please keep them off the furniture and wipe down muddy feet, etc., before they come inside.  Also, please poop scoop the lawn if that's where they were "doing their business."  Pitching it down the hill is fine...it's just not pleasant when the lawnmower skids out on the stinky little land mines!

There's a hose in the backyard for your really dirty stuff.  Please don't use the dryer for boots and other items that damage the appliance.

Meeker MapGet your license online or grab one in Wyatt's when you're stocking up on recreational gear.  Additionally, Gopher, the convenience store across the street from Wyatt's, and the hardware stores sell licenses.  If you go to Valley (Ace) Hardware, however, bring some bills as they are currently cash only for licenses.

After the last grill blew off the end of the deck rendering it not quite square, we upgraded with a nice, stainless-steel, Coleman grill.  There's an extra bottle of propane so grill to your heart's content, but please pull it out from under the porch before you crank up the heat.  We also appreciate a cleaning after you're finished.

Fire near Buford ColoradoAlthough sitting around an open fire can be a wonderful experience, forest fires are always a concern in the area.  In Aug 2018 a wildfire burned to within a couple miles of the cabin.  Because of this high fire risk, we do not allow open fires at the cabin.  Additionally, fires are typically banned throughout the county during the summer and fall.  You can check the latest fire restrictions by visiting the Rio Blanco County Alert Center at https://www.rbc.us/AlertCenter.aspx?CID=Fire-Restrictions-7.

All bedding, bath towels, and kitchen towels are provided.  Please use all linens only for their intended purpose, i.e., the towels are for drying human bodies, not truck bodies!  There are rags available above the clothes washer if necessary.

A large Samsung stainless-steel washer and dryer are available for your use.  The laundry detergent is intended for the sheets and towels when you leave, but feel free to use it for a couple of loads if required; otherwise, please provide your own.  Finally, please turn off the water to the washer when you leave.

Get your fishing gear at Wyatt's or one of the hardware stores in Meeker, or there's also a Walmart in Rifle.  Of course, fly fishing gear for the river is perfect, but casting tackle with a bright Mepps is great for Lake Avery. Be sure to review the Fishing regulations for Colorado.  There are no special restriction for Lake Avery (sometimes referred to as Little Beaver Reservoir).  In the winter, ice fishing on Lake Avery is also very popular.