Nice, new, Samsung stainless-steel washer and dryer are available for your use.  The laundry detergent is intended for the sheets and towels when you leave, but feel free to use it for a couple of loads if required; otherwise, please provide your own.  Finally, please turn off the water to the washer when you leave.

You're not going to believe this, but someone thought it was a good idea to put muddy, wet boots in the dryer!  I know!! You'll notice that the stainless steel drum now has hundreds of little dings and we had to do a complete clean to get a 1-year old dryer working again.  Okay, we get it, hunting is a muddy, mucky business, but please don't destroy the appliances while cleaning up your gear.  Bring boot dryers!

The bugs are generally not bad at the cabin as the elevation is 7500' and it's exhausting for them to fly up there!  In the valleys, however, there is a lot more water and mosquitoes can thrive.  Occasionally, we get a surge of little black flies but they're generally short lived.  Bottom Line:  Bring some insect repellent.

After the last grill blew off the end of the deck rendering it not quite square, we upgraded with a nice, stainless-steel, Coleman grill.  There's an extra bottle of propane so grill to your heart's content, but please pull it out from under the porch before you crank up the heat.  We also appreciate a cleaning after you're finished.

Last chance to top off your vehicle is Flat Tops Fuel which on your left as you leave Meeker.  There is also a gas station associated with the City Market in Rifle. You can use Kroger/King Soopers Card if you subscribe.

All bedding and towels are provided.

The phone number is (970) 433-1968 but cell phone service can be spotty depending on the provider.  Sprint has almost no coverage, Verizon is limited and AT&T is good.  Not sure about T-Mobile.

Get your fishing license at Wyatt's in Meeker or there's also a Walmart in Rifle.  Of course, fly fishing gear for the river is perfect, but casting tackle with a bright Mepps is great for Lake Avery. Be sure to review the Fishing regulations for Colorado.  There are no special restriction for Lake Avery (sometimes referred to as Little Beaver Reservoir).  In the winter, ice fishing on Lake Avery is also very popular.

We maintain a basic subscription to DirecTV.  If you require a more robust lineup so you can watch the "big game", let us know and we'll work with you on a Pay-per-view or increased package for your stay.